Military career: pros and cons of military service

In the modern world, a military career is a great opportunity for any person to prove themselves and arrange their lives. The fact is that the tense foreign policy situation requires each country to pay special attention to its own army. Therefore, especially large budgets are allocated to this sphere in the budget, with which you can see it yourself by checking the highest paying military jobs listing. In addition, people with higher military education in any country are treated with special respect.

Of course, a military job, like any other profession, has its pros and cons, but in general it must be said that this is the same job as any others. Higher military education gives a person the opportunity not only to develop in military ranks, but also to occupy any civilian posts. To display your military experience in a civilian resume correctly, use these tips: Experience gained during military service will be regarded as a definite plus to your portfolio.

Pros and Cons of Military Service

The profession of a soldier has always been prestigious and respected in society. In many families, the tradition of devoting oneself to military affairs has 3-4 generations. Nevertheless, in the military profession there are both positive and negative aspects. Before entering a military educational institution, it is necessary to make an informed choice and weigh the pros and cons for yourself.

Military Service

Cons of the military profession:

  • Risk for life. The military man does not belong to himself; he serves the motherland. Not every day military personnel risk their lives, and not all specialties are associated with real danger, but if the command orders to fly to a hot spot on the planet, then a military man must be prepared for this both physically and psychologically.
  • Household difficulties. Life in the garrisons and military camps can not be called comfortable. The understandable hardships of camping life can also be imposed on disorder in peacetime. A soldier can be “transferred” to different regions of the country, and if a soldier has a family, then getting an apartment to “settle down” does not work right away.
  • Harm to health. Constant stress, danger to life and health, lack of living conditions – this is what awaits the military at the forefront.
  • Strict subordination requirements. Orders given by a senior in rank are not discussed, even if they do not seem reasonable. And if you cannot be subordinate to the senior in rank by character, then military service is not suitable for you – to be suitable for it you need to have willpower and self-control.
  • Dependence on the state. The military has many privileges, but since the military personnel belong to the category of “state employees”, in times of crisis it is more difficult for them than the employees in the private sector.

Cons of military service are offset by the pros:

  • Prestige profession. The military is one of the oldest, traditionally honorable professions. Awareness of the benefits that people bring to the country and its citizens helps to cope with the hardships of military life.
  • Clear career growth. Promotion depends not only on personal qualities, but on length of service – time of service.
  • Social package. Payment for training and accommodation, state benefits, military mortgages and many other privileges are available to military personnel. The state fully provides the military from the moment it enters the educational institution. The scholarship of a student at a military university is much higher than the one of a student at a civil university.
  • Guaranteed employment. Graduates of military universities, unlike civilian ones, have no further problems with employment.
  • Opportunities for continuing education and training. In the Armed Forces, additional training is encouraged, so a specialist can receive both a second and a third higher education at the expense of the state.
  • Early and decent retirement. For certain military specialties, 1 year of service counts as 2 or even 3. Therefore, it is quite realistic to become a pensioner already in 40 years. After retirement, the military’s life is just beginning, you can open your own business or go to work in the civil service and still receive a military pension.

If you think of military service as your future mission, then you can take a free test to check your military sports profile. Testing will show how psychologically and intellectually you are ready for military service, and whether you are ready to solve the daily tasks of military personnel – think about saving people when your life is in danger.

Congratulations to all the defenders of the homeland and those who plan to become one!

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